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The way we were

Lizard Argyle Football Team March 6th 1982

They were a very successful team.

In those days the football club itself only had changing rooms available for the players so it was all back to Caerthillian Pub for team talks etc; Geoff Taylor the landlord of Caethillian played a big part in getting the football team into shape!

Weren’t we lucky in those days to have 2 village pubs. Caerthillian was known as “Bottom House” as opposed to officially named “Lizard Hotel” which was always known as “Top House” which of course is now it’s official name! What’s in a name!!?

The Lizard Argyle Football Team 1982 p 31 March edition. Robin and Barry identified:
Top Row: Tommy Johnson, David Johnson, Robin Ford, Sid Taylor, Mike Atkins, Keith Johnson, Barry Browning.
Second Row: Geoff Taylor, Steve Johns, Terry Stephens, Ralph Mitchell, Rob Casley, Phil Tiddy.