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The Way it was: The Church of St Wynwallow

The Lizard’s beautiful church of St Wynwallow or Wynwalloe is believed to date from around 600 AD. The feast day of St Wynwallow is 28th April.  The name Landewednack, previously Landewennac, is likely comprised of the Cornish word ‘Lan’ meaning ‘sacred enclosure’ and ‘Wennac’ from the saint’s name “Wennac”. Some historians believe this Saint may well be one and the same as St Wynwalloe.

The picture shows our church in 1908 with the building facade as unchanged today as then and probably not too far off the original 7th century building. Note the “unoccupied” grass areas alongside the path to the church in 1908, now that picture is certainly not the same as today.