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The way we were

House Bay Hotel, then and now

Not too many changes over the last 120 years or so?

We are a village very well blessed with our public facilities, from our welcoming hostelries to our cafe’s and shops, and The Housel Bay Hotel sits very well among these. Over the last century or so it has entertained many high-profile guests since opening in 1894, among others, George Bernard Shaw (1913) and the radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi (1900). Other notable visitors who have stayed include G K Chesterton (1922) the wife and daughter of Benjamin Disraeli; Baroness Von Richthofen in 1904 (Mother of the infamous “Red Baron” Manfred Von RichthofenWorld War 1 fighter pilot) along with the silent movie star Harold Lloyd.  It is also said that the future George V, grandfather to our Queen, stayed at Housel Bay in 1908? Many of the famous faces whose pictures hang in the public rooms have had associations with the hotel over the years and it is well worth a visit just to see how many you can recognise?