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The way we were

The Lizard Lights

Ah, the smell of the greasepaint, the roar of the crowd  …….  Pantomime season is upon us!

“The Lizard Lights” were our very own village thespian group and some of them are pictured here in 1983 building the stage in The Reading Room ready for their next presentation. They regularly produced a pantomime as well as summer variety productions.

As with most amateur dramatic companies each member has to play many “parts” – everything from tea maker, stage builders, prompters and producers – not counting the “stars” of the show who can later be spotted sweeping the floors, stacking the chairs and putting out the lights!

Pictured are a few stalwarts of the company including, John Ford, John Edwards, Syd Yorston, with George Sallybanks and Mrs Yorston  in the background – for the life of me I cannot remember the silver haired gentleman’s name but I’m sure someone will enlighten us and let the editors know! Once again,  many of our school children made up the chorus line and they loved every minute!

Hilarity always ruled each performance (sometimes perhaps when it shouldn’t have) but all was taken in good part by the actors and audience participation, whether requested or not, was rife!

Looking back, we really have to thank these village elders for their keen selflessness and enthusiasm, and mostly for keeping the company going for so long.